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Bigger and Better

LWHS Athletic Training Room is EXPANDING

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I have been with Lake Washington High School since 2010. I love working here. The coaches, the admin, the kids are all great. When I first took this job, the new gym was just opening. My training room was a training room built for a 2A High School, which we were just becoming when I started. Over the years, our district became the 2nd largest district in the state. We grew and we grew fast. More students, more athletes, more sports programs. Fast forward to today, we just build a new gym to manage our student population. The school worked things out with the Physical Education department (bless their hearts and generosity) to allow me to expand into the room next to my training room. I am thankful to grow into a room tripling my original room size. This opens up so much more possibilities with what I can provide for our student-athlete population. 

One of the things I have always stated that I provide is the ability to save parents time and money to take care of injuries and rehab in-house vs taking kids out of school and parents out of work to see another health care provider when many issues can be taken care of on-site. Over the first month of me being in this new room, rehab (with me or on their own) and increased dramatically. The ability to have more room to provide rehab, to provide tools for self rehab is absolutly amazing. It makes me feel I can do so much for our great student-athletes.

Here is the thing.....

I like thinking big.
I like providing the best for our student-athletes..
I want to keep growing...

It's one thing to have a big room, but it's even better to have a big room that is outfitted as a true Athletic Training Room for a facility that provides so much for our student-athletes. What we build now benefits those in school now and our future student-athletes. 


I want to outfit the room with plenty of wall shelves, move my water system (sink) from my old room to my new room, add some additional rehab equipment, add some hydrotherapy whirl-pool tanks. I want to upgrade this room to something that the students, the staff, the community can be proud to provide for our current and future student-athletes for Lake Washington High School Athletics.  I put a lot of my own money into this room because I have so much pride for it. But there is only so much I can provide. When I am done, we will have one of the best training rooms in our KingCo Conference and your support will get us there.



A direct donation will help start the process and allow you to purchase some of the smaller items now. Things that will help organize the two rooms I occupy. Every dollar will help. 




With working with Joe Whitesel and his group, we are putting together a list of items from various local professional teams and college teams to action off. You will not want to miss this event. Keep an eye on this page as we develop our list of items and show what we will be auctioning off. 


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