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Q. What sports do you cover?


A. All the main sports at LW. Priority goes to Varsity sports then works their way down to JV and then C-Teams. High impact sports get first priority. Some sports such as tennis may not be physically covered, but majority of time, I am on site for any emergencies.



Q. On Wednesdays, school gets out at 1pm, but the training room doesn't open till 2:30. Why is that?


A. During the weekday I maintain a morning job. On Wednesdays, this job is located in Issaquah and I do not get done till 1:15pm. I try to get to the school earlier on these days, but also take this time for lunch before I start at the High School for another 5 hours.


Q. If I have a question about my son/daughters injury or general question related to injury care, what is the best way to get a hold of you?


A. I am available in all fashions. You can come by after school and visit me in my training room. You can call me or text me on my cell or you can email me. Email is always the prefered. If you want to come stop by after school, I would call me first to make sure Ill be around vs out at a game. Best time to stop by after school is after 3:30 once the after school athlete rush is over with.


CELL: 425-390-4121


Q. If I need help finding a health care provider (such as a Chiropractor, Physician, Physical Therapist), can you help out with that?


A. Yes, I have a list of providers that I am comfortable refering student-athletes out to. Many of these providers are already on this website under our "Support Network" tab.






More to come. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email me. Visit my contact page - Click here

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