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Parent Advocacy


Has there been a time where you felt I went above and beyond for you and your child?

Do you see a value in the service I am here to do for the school, the coaches, you and your child?

Did you know your voice carries a lot of weight?

Let's understand one important thing..I am not here to do a job to get praised. I love what I do, and being able to do my job is what I strive to do. 

The best way for me to show my value to the school I loved to work for is making sure our kids are safe, data collecting, and parent feedback.

If you have a positive experience you had with what I have provided, please consider writing it down here. Your statement will be printed off and provided to the administration and into my personal file. These are feedbacks I can use down the road as I develop my program and focus on creating a full-time job. It's a long journey, but with your support and positive feedback, we can show the school district the positive experience I provide coming from the community parents themselves.

Parent Testimonial

Thank you for your support.

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