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Safety in Football Campaign

The Washington State Athletic Trainers’ Association (WSATA) has organized a “Safety in Football Campaign” in order to promote increased safety in football in the State of Washington.  It is the goal of the “Safety in Football Campaign” to help each and every football team in Washington identify ways in which they can lessen the risks of injury and keep the focus on the fun and camaraderie of football. In the 2015 football season, 13 high schools and one youth football player died; one of which occurred in Washington.


However, all across the state of Washington athletic trainers are providing their clinical expertise every day in order to improve the overall health and safety of their athletes.  And, that is exactly what this campaign is to be about.


Starting September 7th, various high schools and colleges will be showing their support for safety in football. 


Here at Lake Washington High School, keep a lookout for our AT Washington Logo Stickers on the helmets of each football player. This is just one way that we are showing we are doing what we can to protect each one of these student-athletes while they play the game they love. 


More information will follow as the season begins. 








Here at Lake Washington High School, we strive to provide safety for our football student-athletes....


  • Upgraded to new helmets and keep a log of all of them when they need to be recycled, updated, repaired.

  • We have a dedicated equipment manager that makes sure all the helmets are fitted properly and monitoring them during practices and games. Having Pat on our sidelines and around during practices just adds one more component in equipment safety.

  • A Licensed Athletic Trainer is onsite for all practices and games.  

  • Athletic Trainer provide injury care & prevention services for football and all other interscholastic sports

  • Athletic Trainer works with the student-athlete and parents to provide additional health care support outside of the school system. Need a referral to another Health Care provider, ie. Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Acupuncture, Orthopedic Doctor, Sports Medicine Doctor - we have the referrals for you that support the Kirkland community.

  • We have a team doctor that attends all home and away football games and helps supports the medical team at Lake Washington High School during the week as needed. Dr. Fry, MD from Evergreen Hospital.

  • Hydration during practices and games are always important. We educate on the importance of hydration throughout the day, provide plenty of hydration options during practices and games. 

  • For those really hot days, ice baths are provided to help prevent any hyperthermic issues

  • Because of the nature of football, the medical staff is constantly aware of concussion-related issues. Each football athlete takes the IMPACT Test (which is a neurological computer base test) to help give us a baseline score so if any athlete does sustain a concussion, it is just one extra evaluation we can provide to help make the best decision for the athletes return to play.

  • Talks between the coaching staff and the medical staff help taylor special workouts to help keep thet athletes safe. 

  • Open door policy for all parents. If you have any questions or concerns, the Athletic Trainer will always make time to answer any questions you may have. Come by and visit, email or call. 




Unless the student-athletes play in a bubble, it is nearly impossible to prevent all injuries. The athletic trainer and the coaches work hard, communicate daily, so these young athletes can stay on the field and play the sport they love.

Safety in Football Videos

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